December 25th 2012. Merry Christmas You Wonderful Old Building And Loan.

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Lord knows 2012 ain't been easy, but we've had our share of good tidings throughout the year as well, both individual and collective. So today, no matter your religious affiliation, or indeed if you even have one, let's just dig a time of year and a day in particular that celebrates the best in us; grace, charity, good manners and the desire to safely enjoy the company of loved ones, and the wish that others are able to do the same. I hope this day brightens those spirits dampened and enhances those already brightened. We have so little in this world to rally around, which makes days like these that much more precious. I hope you have a particularly great Christmas Day and that 2012 ends with a whimper. Better days are ahead. As always be safe and sound Stockers and make sure the next guy is too! Merry Christmas and excelsior, suckahz!