The THIRD Annual Nitrate Stock Oscar Bash! Burt Mackiln Edition! #AndYouThoughtIWasDead! #YouSonOfALetsJustGetToTheArticle!

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It's an Awards Season miracle, Stockahz 'n Stockettz! The Annual Nitrate Stock Oscar Ballyhoo, only recenly thought dead & buried, is now a thing again! The 3rd now running! I know I put it out there that hopes were dim for its continuance this year and even more recently declared it dead, but in a true celebration of the movies, where nothing and no one stays a corpse for long, reports of its demise were premature. YES, we will be gathering once more to both fete and mock those in attendance, nominated or no. YES, we will be offering great food and booze, the latter of which will include a specialty cocktail still in the planning stages, which I will reveal via FaceTwitGram this week! And YES, we will once more be offering a series of prizes both grand and 1 and 2, to be determined once I scope out the deals at my nearest Best Buy! The spirirt of the bash remains unchanged, although the venue does not. And all the better for that change.

The new venue is a fabulously antiquated slice of NYC bar culture known as Shades of Green, nestled into the nook that rest between Union Square Park and the resuming Manhattan foofaraw that occurs once you hit 3rd avenue and all points east. Specifically, the establishment is located at 125 E 15th st., between Irving Place and 3rd Avenue. Within exists a long bar and ample table seating, that is until you factor in the SOB's who seek to steal such away from you! So should you find this event a desirable one I implore you to RSVP with me early and often. No, wait, just early. Force of habit there. Once booked we'll be sure to have your throne awaiting your arrival. It's good to be tha king, no?

The rules of the contest are the same as they ever was, to quote David Byrne: the purchase of a drink or anything larger grants you a ballot, and the opportunity to participate in the contest. All ballots must be filled out completely before the first award is given out. Latecomers may participate, but should they turn their ballots in after awards are presented those categories will be nullified on their ballot. And after the third award is presented we will stop issuing ballots altogether, there just doesn't seem much point beyond that stage. All ballots will be handed off to our official ballot checker, who will be red-penning in full view of all and sundry. But mostly sundry. Upon broadcast's end the ballots will be tallied and a winner anounced. In case of a tie I will propose a series of trivia questions as tie-breaker. The person with the most correct guesses wins Grand Prize, second most the Runner-Up prize. And if I have any spare change left over we'll dole out a 3rd prize to a Second Runner-Up. All ties will be broken by said trivia qustion system. So if yer not a film scholar yet, ya got 7 days to make that happen. You hear me, you bastards?!? GET READIN'!!!


So it is that I hope to see as many of you again this year as I've happily entertained the previous two. It's been my honor, my privilege, and my joy to make the acquaintance of so many of you since this site's inception; we've shared some great conversations about our shared passion, this genre of film, we've bonded over it, collected our grief over heroes lost, formed ranks behind new emerging heroes, spread some buoyant force into the world because of it. If we can once more gather this Sunday to observe the gifting of lil' gold guys to the folks we rely on to keep this magic we call movies afloat still and for the future forseeable, it'd be a wonderful gesture to a year that needs all the positive soul we can present to it. I look forward to the sight of yer beamin' mugs. Stay tuned for the drink special announcement, stay tuned for the prizes to be defined. But above all else, stay classy Stockahz! See you at the Oscar ceremony!


- Joe Walsh