Please Stand By.

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It's been years since a tech snafu this daunting has collided head on with the site, but my ace support team is currently doing their best Jeremy Renner HURT LOCKER imitation to untangle the mess, clip the correct wires, and defuse the mishegoss that has crippled Nitrate Stock for the last week. I ask your patience, true believers; the March Calendar is ready to upload once we unmuddy this mess. And the monthly Overview will arrive shortly after its posting! I apologize for the mess, apparently the work of hackers (because apparently I met with the Rusian ambassador on the campaign trail last year in Minsk! Who hacks a rep film site?!?!), but we will have it cleared up and in time to inform you all about the bulk of March's movie madness! In the words of the immortal John Hughes, screws fall out all the time, the world's an imperfect place. In my own words, stick with me Stockahz.


-Joe Walsh