Hallelloo, Hallelloo, We Back in Bizaloo! Welcome to the March '17 Calendar of NYC's Rep Film Circuit! And Eat a Cupcake. You've Earned It!

New York City's premiere resource for classic film screenings in the metropolitan area. Offering reviews, recommendations, venues and a host of links keeping classic film and the silver screens alive.

Seems we've finally overcome the work of 5-apparently-5 hackers to get the site back to nomalized conditions! Mea culpa for the delay on the March calendar, and mucha mea culpa for the absence of a March '17 Overview and a weekly post this day. However, as inconvenient as this has been for me, you, and indeed them, whoever THEY are, I've also enjoyed a short, selective vacay from the routine, 5 years going come June! So please, indulge in the calendar, and forgive our
inexperience with this type of cyberattack. Again, whatever the Rusian hackers thought they'd find, seems they did their worst 4 months ago and were just getting bored. Nyucklehedz.


Please indulge in your monthly calendar of events large and never small, including the 1 year anniversary of our new and beloved Metrograph, and the pristine 4K resto of Woody Allen's MANHATTAN at Film Forum, especially timely this week at the passing of film historian/ambassador Robert Osborne, as it was his favorite NYC film all-time.


As alway, much love, support your local rep film circuit, and stick wit me Stockahz!


- Joe Walsh