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July '17! Quick Overview, Plus; Chilled Martinis, Hot Nuns, and Film's Most Famous Sneeze! I Don't Have a Nun Thing! Read On!

Welcome to July, Stockahz! Seemed for a spell, as it does every February, that this month might not rear its page-turn, but now it's here, replete with all the series and retrospectives dreamed up during those lumbering winter months by the best programmers this side of huzzah! I'm trying a new format this time out, combining my monthly overview, in the form of a short shout, with the weekly rundown of my Picks. Which means I gotta get my Big Dawg outta the way first and quick. So let's get jogging.

June 23rd-30th: Bad Blood, the Beat of the Boogie Down, and Tha Shpielz Tries on da Big Boy Pants! To the Rep Circuit!

So that month happened. And a whole new lunar calendar looms with treats and surprises aplenty to be had on the NYC rep film circuit. And I look forward to posting the new calendar/overview in about a week. But let's give June '17 its due before she leaves the yacht, shall we? She's still got a few tricks up her sleeves. And no, one of them isn't yet another Tom Cruise film. Please, can we make this a teachable moment?

New and continuing series this upcoming week include Back By Popular Demand: Ozu at Metrograph; Film and Nothing But; Bertrand Tavernier at the Quad Cinema; See it Big: Spielberg Summer! at Museum of the Moving Image; Simian Vérité at Anthology Film Archives; Road Rage at IFC Center; and the hook-'em-while-their-folks-are-buyin' Film Forum Jr. at Film Forum. The sprocketed spelunk be thus;

June 16th -22nd: Villkommen, Kayo, and Ouch! Welcome to Trump's America! Read on, True Believers!

Well, I got a haircut this week. Any other news?


New and continuing series this week inlcude Modern Matinees: Becoming Jennifer Jones at MoMA; Quadrophilia: Queer Edition at the Quad Cinema; Welcome to Metrograph: A to Z at Metrograph; Cross Dressing and Drag on Screen and Simian Vérité at Anthology Film Archives; and See it Big: Spielberg Summer! at Museum of the Moving Image! The 4-perf foofaraw be thus;

June 9th-15th: Jungle Fever, the Original Rosebud, and Outdoor Screenings Under a Purple Sky! Let's Go!

Y'know, I get hacked by 5-count-'em-5 Russian hackers last February on a mission to undermine my efforts to provide the most comprehensive calendar and coverage of NYC's repertory film doings, and where's MY congressional hearing? I mean, I pay taxes for WHAT, exactly? Sheesh. Sheesh, I sez.


New and continuing series this week include The Lubitsch Touch and Film Forum Jr. at, you got it, Film Forum; Modern Matinees: Becoming Jennifer Jones at MoMA; Bresson Part II and Welcome to Metrograph: A to Z at Metrograph; Cross Dressing and Drag on Film at Anthology Film Archives; See it Big: Spielberg Summer! at Museum of the Moving Image; Cabaret Cinema at the Rubin Museum; and the Silent Clowns Film Series at Library for the Performing Arts . Stockahz: to the Repmobile!

June 2017: Monkey Biz, Heist Flicks, and a Wonderful Fuck You to Nazis of All Ages. Plus, Outdoor Movies! Dig In, Stockahz!

Hola, willkommen, bienvenue Stockahz! Or as Agent Cooper might have it, hel-LOOO-oooo!!! Happy to be back, once more in the engineer's seat rather than laying track in front of a train at full speed. And while that image may seem a pleasant one to some of you in a Buster Keaton/Wallace & Gromit type fashion, believe me, it's no fun. Various factors emerged over the last few months to hinder, if not out-and-out wreck the best intentions of this site; to provide the monthly calendar on the 1st, to provide a monthly overview on the first Friday, and to provide weekly Picks as well as updates as the venue skeds change. Hopefully we're firmly back on track now, as I'm glad to present a fully loaded calendar that includes the year's first outdoor screenings, and will be providing additonal info about updates as they emerge.

Also, I'm not one to seek a pat on the back or anything like that, but this month does mark the 5 year anniversary of this site's initiation. Flew by, kids, as I'm sure it did for some of you. Should you be new to this page, or wanna take a trip through nostalgiaville, you can read the very first missive right here, if only to see how the site's evolved from it's mewling beginnings. We didn't have the interactive calendar yet, but it was in the works and would appear that August. I have to say it's been an honor to oversee this site, and I couldn't have done it or continue to do it without the help and support of 3 very important people; Adam Honen, Ingrid Montealegre, and co-conspirator Michael Davis. They've stuck with me from the beginning only because they wanted to see me make it happen. Well, they thought there might be some dough in the proposition as well, and so did I. But really, it's been a labor of love and it continues to be. Plus, maybe some dough.

May 26th-31st: Political Sport, Matino Idolo, and Von Sternberg's Muse. May Goes Not Quietly, Stockahz.

New and ongoing series this week include Border Crossings and Road Rage at IFC Center; Marlene at Metrograph; Modern Matinees: Mr. Cary Grant at MoMA; Immigrant Songs at Quad Cinema; Il Bello Marcello at the Film Society of Lincoln Center; and The Caan Film Festival at Museum of the Moving Image. The four-perf foofaraw be thus;

May 19th-25th: Makeshift Twofers from Walter Hill & Michelangelo Antonioni, and Cinema's Greatest Sleepwalker! Snooze On, Stockahz!

So, let's just agree to not talk about anything extra-curricular and focus on our preferred art form and its doings this week. Agreed?


New and continuing series this week include Three Favorites Selected by Aziz Anzari and Edward Yang at Metrograph; Immigrant Songs at the Quad Cinema; Il Bello Marcello at the Film Society of Lincoln Center; Modern Matinees: Mr. Cary Grant at MoMA; Peak Performances at BAM Cinématek; The Caan Film Festival at Museum of the Moving Image; Road Rage at IFC Center; Film Forum Jr. at Film Forum; and the effortlessly swank Cabaret Cinema at the Rubin Museum. The hijinkery be thus;

May 12th-18th: Mr. Lawrence, Sidney & J.J., and Donald Westlake, if that IS Your Real Name! Dig in!

Well, Stockahz, I ain't gonna lie; this here task regarding the NYC rep film circuit and my efforts to continually provide you with the best, most complete and constantly updated info has become, well, tougher. Now, that's not to say that I don't still love said task, or that I'm slacking out of disinterest, just that since I started, and some of ya remember when that was, the repertory film scene in the city had hit a lull, one I believed a temporary one, and indeed I began the site not only in the belief of that lull's temp status but in the hopes that my efforts might help encourage turnout at our beloved venues when particular series and screenings demanded such. So it's with great humility that I admit the last couple of months have seen a less effective effort fro yours truly in this regard. Again, not to beat an old saw, but there was Russian hacking (I'm not joking), an apartment collapse, and I don't mean in terms of equity, and the emergence of a brand new and spectacular player on the scene, the newly renovated and reopened Quad Cinema. Yes, I'm behind the 8 ball to a certain degree, but I'm fairly certain that once I get right in the saddle again, the wagon train's trail will proceed smoothly once more. In other words, to put it succinctly, Stick Wit Me Stockahz.


New and ongoing series this day include Forbidden Colors: Ryuichi Sakamoto at the Movies at the Quad Cinema; Modern Matinees: Mr. Cary Grant, Son of Universal: More Rediscovered Gems from the Laemmle Years and Moustapha Alassane, Pioneer of the Golden Age of Nigerian Cinema at MoMA; Peak Performances at BAM Cinématek; Welcome to Metrograph: A to Z and Mother's Day at Metrograph; Crime Scenes: Donald Westlake on Film at Museum of the Moving Image; and the tried and true hook-'em-while-they're-young Film Forum Jr. at yeah Film Forum. The oogie and the boogie be thus;

May 2017! The Caan Film Fest, Universal Jr. Pt. 2, and Nice Guy Eddie's Mystery Turns 25! Let's Get To It!

Hallo Stockahz. It's been quite a long time, quite a journey, quite the series of travails that finds us back here, site runner to site supporter, engaging once more in the wealth of offerings on the now exploding repertory film circuit in our grand and glorious and beloved NYC. February saw us the victim of Russian hackers (I kid not!), March the receiving end of some tactical mismanagement in my apartment (a ceiling collapsed on me), April the unfortunate stand-in for Sissyphus, as hurdle upon hurdle presented itself not merely without shame, but with absolute aplomb. So it is that I've been late to the gate and lost in the race this last trimester, and I have nothing but apologies for such. However, although the NYC rep film circuit has completely exploded not just since this site began, but in the last 12 months and considerably, I give you my bond that I will do my damndest to provide the most accurate & concentrated source for these screenings, even though I may falter from time to time. There ain't no horse I can't tame once I get used to its buck and kick, so stick with me and I promise I'll resume my spot as emcee of this here rodeo. When did I morph into Kris Kristofferson?

April 28th-30th: Ford, Hawks, Melville - One of Them is a Lie. Who Thinks Up These Goddam Facebook Posts Anyway?

I'm gonna play a broken record now, like my saying so isn't a broken record in and of itself; I cannot believe this month is over already. I cannot believe it's been 6 weeks since I last dreaded the looming threat of St. Patrick's Day 2017. I cannot believe it's been a month since the Quad Cinema's opening and I haven't planned a trip yet. I cannot believe Major League Baseball is already a month into its newest fresh-faced iteration, and doubly cannot believe how well the Yanks are ALREADY performing. I know, it's a long season, I don't need reminding. Most of all, I cannot believe I have to cobble together May 2017's rep film calendar already! Where the hell did the month go? You people got me in some kinda space/time express mail lane or what? I demand answers. Or sleep. Either will do.

New and ongoing series to be had in this month of showers' final weekend include Border Crossings and Road Rage at IFC Center; the kickof to the 2-week trib to auteur Jean-Pierre Melville and the aptly titled Film Forum Jr. at c'mon where else Film Forum; Modern Matinees: Mr. Cary Grant and a 2-film celebration of Polish auteur Wojciech Has at MoMA; Welcome to Metrograph: John Ford Edition at Metrograph; Cabaret Cinema at the Rubin Museum; and the final weekend of Lina Wertmüller: Female Trouble, the initial offering from the newest and bluest rep venue in our movie mad metro, the freshly spit-shined Quad Cinema! The flickering fricassee be thus;


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