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April 21st - 27th: Dawn, Darkness, and the Difference Twixt. Let Us Explore Our Collective Humanity On Film.

So...this whole time thing. It ain't gonna slow down? Didn't I read a Hawking theorem that said sometime around one's late forties the fabric of the universe realigned to gently stoke the brakes and that whole coffee smelling thing was written into the eqaution as well? Or am I confusing that with one of his grocery lists? Can't remeber, the man's beyond me, April's nearly over before it's begun. Let's go to the videotape.


New and ongoing screenings this day include Border Crossings and Road Rage at IFC Center; Welcome to Metrograph: A to Z at, y'know, Metrograph; Modern Matinees: Mr. Cary Grant, Ecstasy and Irony: Czech Cinema, 1927-43, and Making Faces on Film: A Collaboration with BFI Black Star at MoMA; Lina Wertmüller: Female Trouble and Four Play at the Quad Cinema; Wim Wenders: The Road Trilogy at BAM Cinématek; and The Cinema of Gender Transgression: Trans Film at Anthology Film Archives. Because yeah. The flim flam flickery be thus;

April 14th - 20th: Berkeley's Bananas, Choice Czech Achievements, and WWI, Here's Hoping it's Not a Trilogy.

There was a moment, and not too far in the rear view mirror, when the NYC rep film circut seemed a prospect lost, a scene abandoned, after years of indifferent programming and venues blowing off the prospect entirely, even as Midnight Movie fodder. When the advent of the Home Theater System morphed as DVD's emerged, and sound systems went 5.1, and the prospect of a home film library with state of the art picture and sound (plus the novelty of supplemental materials) cost-effectively acquired, when all those factors coincided, I theorize, attendance on the rep circuit dipped.

April 7th -13th: Blind Swordsman, One-Eared Scorsese, and, Well, You'll Just Have to See What Eastwood's Missing!

From Russian hackers (no joke!) to being crushed by a falling house. And no, the latter is not mean to to and does not imply that I am in any way affiliated with the Wicked Witch of the East. That's a plausible denial, is all I'm sayin'. OKAY, maybe a whole house didn't fall in on me, but a good chunk of what used to be my ceiling became my floor suddenly. Like, as I was stanfing beneath it. Prompting me not only to stop brewing my morning tea, but to make plans for other residence until such time as the problem was solved. So it is that two-COUNT-"EM -TWO months have now transpired with a delay to the monthly calendar and also, regrettably, a cancelling of the Monthly Overview. So I want to offer the following to everyone who's stuck with me thus far and especially through the ruptures of the last two lunar cycles;

It's very important to me that you know I'm still completely dedicated to this site, and to the meager service I provide to the NYC film fanatic. I'm working pretty much from home with no financial recompense for the effort, and I don't neccessarily require one (not the use of the word neccessarily, I'm good at leaving myself an out!). I do this as a labor of love, but also as my form of film school. I've gotten a great education out of applying myself to this site and to the rep film scene and the peeps who provide it and attend it. It's my aim to provide even MORE info, interviews, opinions, to preserve and enhance the communal experience that is so important to film. When I'm blocked in my efforts it doesn't merely aggravate me on a personal level, it frustrates me because I feel like I'm not doing my job, not providing you with the easy access to info you desire. It's been my joy to watch the rep film scene re-blossom in NYC, I'd like to think I had some small part in aiding that resurgence. And I want to promise you that, while glitches and hiccups are inevitable, I will do my damndest to solve any of these as quickly as is possible, and I will always work my hardest to provide you with the most up-to-date and complete listings as any man can manifest.

In other words, stick with me Stockahz.

Now let's get to biz.

March 24th - 30th! Post-Godzilla Syndrome, Still-Relevant 60's Paranoia, and the Radiator Lady Spices Up Pabst Blue Ribbon! Let's F&*% On, Shall We?

I'z back, Stockahz! Adversity is like a tin can to be kicked down a street straight outta a Don Siegel film! I don't know why that particular ref bubbled to the surface but I'm rolling with it. The site is active, the calendar is updated, and my musings are as follows. So let's dig in, shall we?


New and ongoing series include The Films of David Lynch at IFC Center; The Brit New Wave & Film Forum Jr. at Film Forum; Modern Matinees: Hollywood and the Great Depression, 1933 at MoMA; Cross-Dressing on Screen at Anthology Film Archives; Beyond Godzilla: Alternative Futures & Fantasies in Japanese Cinema at the Japan Society; Martin Scorsese at Museum of the Moving Image; and Buster Keaton at Metrograph. The digs be thus:

March 17th -23rd: Unseeable Terror, the Big Apple in B&W, and Origin, Purpose and Mystery! Good to Be Back, Stockahz!

Believe it or not, honest to god and no lie, this site's been partially inactive for the last couple of weeks due to the same woes the whole country seems to be buzzing about currently: HACKERS! This is the emmes, not one, not two, but FIVE-COUNT-'EM-FIVE hackers cracked Nitrate Stock for Buddah knows what reason. It surely couldn't be the riches it secures me, I mean those not of the metaphysical variey. In other words I don't make a thin dime outta this here thang, although that was the once (and future?) intent of this whole shebang. No, the code crackers' intent is a mystery, but it prevented me from posting full articles and, worst of all, delayed me a full ten days before I could provide the usually reliable interactive monthly calendar of the NYC rep film circuit. That's all been fixed, and the calendar is up and running smoothly, and now I can get back to the weekely post, offering a capsule review of what's upcoming over the next few days and humbly offering my choices. So there may be a foreign power trying to interfere with my work, or a deep state working against me, or perhaps Putin himself just isn't a fan of wondrous works of art that enrich all mankind or just lukewarm on fun in general. Actaully I'm certain about that last part. Whatever the case, we're back, and now let's get to the goods.

New and ongoing series this week include Autocratic for the People: An Unpresidented Star-spangles Series of Film Satires! at IFC Center; Modern Matinees: Hollywood and the Great Depression, 1933 at MoMA; The Singularity, Universal in the 70's: Part Two and Buster Keaton at Metrograph; and Film Forum Jr. at Film Forum. Let's go to press!

Hallelloo, Hallelloo, We Back in Bizaloo! Welcome to the March '17 Calendar of NYC's Rep Film Circuit! And Eat a Cupcake. You've Earned It!

Seems we've finally overcome the work of 5-apparently-5 hackers to get the site back to nomalized conditions! Mea culpa for the delay on the March calendar, and mucha mea culpa for the absence of a March '17 Overview and a weekly post this day. However, as inconvenient as this has been for me, you, and indeed them, whoever THEY are, I've also enjoyed a short, selective vacay from the routine, 5 years going come June! So please, indulge in the calendar, and forgive our
inexperience with this type of cyberattack. Again, whatever the Rusian hackers thought they'd find, seems they did their worst 4 months ago and were just getting bored. Nyucklehedz.

Please Stand By.

It's been years since a tech snafu this daunting has collided head on with the site, but my ace support team is currently doing their best Jeremy Renner HURT LOCKER imitation to untangle the mess, clip the correct wires, and defuse the mishegoss that has crippled Nitrate Stock for the last week. I ask your patience, true believers; the March Calendar is ready to upload once we unmuddy this mess. And the monthly Overview will arrive shortly after its posting! I apologize for the mess, apparently the work of hackers (because apparently I met with the Rusian ambassador on the campaign trail last year in Minsk! Who hacks a rep film site?!?!), but we will have it cleared up and in time to inform you all about the bulk of March's movie madness! In the words of the immortal John Hughes, screws fall out all the time, the world's an imperfect place. In my own words, stick with me Stockahz.


-Joe Walsh

February 24th-28th: John Wayne Searches, Burt Lancaster Goes For Broke, and Anthony Hopkins Enjoys His Chianti! Plus, the 3rd Annual Nitrate Stock Oscar Bash! Dig In!

So you might've heard, cats 'n kittens, that the reprieve, though late, has been granted, and the Nitrate Stock Oscar Bash will celebrate its 3rd iteration! I've only had a week to promote, so I may not have reached some of you who'd otherwise wish to attend, but we will be offering the usual great booze 'n grub, as well as prizes! This year the Grand Megillah is the entire Corleone saga, the BluRay restoration of Francis Ford Coppola's GODFATHER trilogy! You can remove the 3rd film only after you've won the damn thing! I'm working on the 2nd & 3rd prizes, but you can be sure they will be booty worthy. Just like Donna Summer. Ba dum! Check here for the exacts if you're not already familiar, and my fellow movie-mad who give not a whit about the annual statuette passing out but LOVE pools and prizes, come find me at Shades of Green on 15th st. between Irving Place and 3rd avenue! Start time is 8pm, Stockahz!


And now to biz as usual.

New and ongoing series include Modern Matinees: Hollywood & the Great Depression, 1933 at MoMA; Jordan Peele: The Art of the Social Thriller at BAM Cinématek; Oscar: Our Favorite Best Picture Winners at Metrograph; Gimme Shelter: Hollywood North at Anthology Film Archives; Heathcliff, it's Me: Adapting Wuthering Heights at the Film Society of Lincoln Center; and the imaginatively titled Film Forum Jr. at you guessed it, Film Forum. The bijou ballyhoo be thus;

The THIRD Annual Nitrate Stock Oscar Bash! Burt Mackiln Edition! #AndYouThoughtIWasDead! #YouSonOfALetsJustGetToTheArticle!

It's an Awards Season miracle, Stockahz 'n Stockettz! The Annual Nitrate Stock Oscar Ballyhoo, only recenly thought dead & buried, is now a thing again! The 3rd now running! I know I put it out there that hopes were dim for its continuance this year and even more recently declared it dead, but in a true celebration of the movies, where nothing and no one stays a corpse for long, reports of its demise were premature. YES, we will be gathering once more to both fete and mock those in attendance, nominated or no. YES, we will be offering great food and booze, the latter of which will include a specialty cocktail still in the planning stages, which I will reveal via FaceTwitGram this week! And YES, we will once more be offering a series of prizes both grand and 1 and 2, to be determined once I scope out the deals at my nearest Best Buy! The spirirt of the bash remains unchanged, although the venue does not. And all the better for that change.

February 17th - 23rd: Bogie Speaks Capote, Beatty Gambles to Cohen, and Capra Hordes Oscar. Read On!

It's been asked of me quite frequemtly these last few weeks if this site will be hosting another Oscar party, as the prior two were met with much success. Much food and drink and good conversation was had, many great gifts were handed out to the pool winners, and Ben Affleck was roundly booed by all in attendance. All in all, a satisfying evening for a film fan. It's with heavy heart that I must confirm that Nitrate Stock will be taking a hiatus this year from another celebration of all things lil' gold guy, but in its stead I would implore you, if you're not otherwise committed, to spend the bucks you might've at the bash on a few pet, probably shared causes in the hope that our love for the genre can translate to love for the good fight. In that spirit I nominate the following charitable institutions; Doctors Without Borders, the International Rescue Committee, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood, and in a specifically non-political nod, my lifelong fave, St. Jude's Hospital. Our love of film, not just certain films but our love of an entire art form, any art form, is supposed to translate into love both internal and kinetic for the world we live in. What better way to honor the movies than to show that love to our fellow men and women?

Alright, I'm off the soapbox. New and ongoing series this week inlcude Modern Matinees: Hollywood and the Great Depression, 1933 at MoMA; Jordan Peele: The Art of the Social Thriller at BAM Cinématek; Oscar: Our Favorite Best Picture Winners at Metrograph; Darker: Celebrating Leonard Cohen at Anthology Film Archives; Film Comment Selects: Raoul Coutard at the Film Society of Lincoln Center; and, of course, Film Forum Jr. at, who'da thunk, Film Forum. The oculus obsession be thus;


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