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July 12th 2016. Pick of the Day.

Y'know what's great about the NYC rep film circuit? I don't mean the its best quality necessarily, but one of its recent and consistently beauteous attributes? That on a day when the offerings are slight, they still boast 3 classics, perhaps all masterpieces. So while the list at first may seem underwhelming, a closer scan of the fish market's haul will no doubt bring a grin to those educated in seafood. Or film. Dang it, I lost control of the metaphor again. Slippery prey, indeed.

Ongoing series today are confined to that newest gem on the rep circuit, the LES's Metrograph, who boast their ongoing year-long Welcome to Metrograph: A to Z, and the extension of their De Palma trib from last month. The projected profundity be thus;

July 8th 2016. Pick of the Day.

How did it become July already? How? It seems just yesterday that the Oscars got it wrong once more, Tax Day got it wrong re: our bank acc'ts, and the RNC got it wrong well I'll leave politics outta the conversation. It's the Hawks in me. But JEEZ! We're already past the year's halfway mark? So much rep film treasure has passed, like BAM's complete retrospective of the films of Michael Mann, MoMA's 90th birthday trib to the invaluable legend Jerry Lewis, and MoMI's equally important and luminous 90th birthday trib the the great, groundbreaking Sidney Poitier! Much more rep film wealth looms on the horizon, especially considering the emergence of new venues like Bushwick's Syndicated and the LES's Metrograph, with the re-opening of the Quad to come this Autumn and the expansion of IFC Center! This is the richest age of rep cinema in NYC since the days of the original Thalia, of the New Yorker, of the Bleecker St. Cinema and the 8th. St. Playhouse and the Waverly. It only reinforces my spirit to know so many people are not only investing in this genre, but attending as well. The future looks bright. As bright as the past.

So to the present: new and ongong series this day include Modern Matinees: Summer with Judy Holliday at MoMA, Welcome to Metrograph: A to Z at, well, the Metrograph, Eternity and History: The Films of Theo Angelopoulos at Museum of the Moving Image, and the eternally swank Cabaret Cinema at the Rubin Museum. The emulsified ebullience be thus;

July 2016! European Tough Guys, Political Potboilers, and Outdoor Screenings Abound!

Whassap Stockahz?!? Your humble correspondent returns once more to give you the lowdown regarding NYC's rep film shenanigans, concerning the month of July 2016! We've just crossed the year's halfway mark, and it hasn't been the most pleasant 6 months for fans of the entertainment industry in general. We've lost quite a few luminaries who will undoubtedly continue to burn brightly, but the lack of them will continue to pang in unfavorable ways. However, we of artistic inclination have much to celebrate in the coming weeks, as tried and true institutions like BAM and Film Forum and MoMA find themelves joined by relatively new jonts like my beloved Nitehawk Cinema, and the ink's-not-dry venues monickered Synicated in Bushwick, and the Metrograph on Manhattan's LES. Our movie-mad burg's gone from too few options to too many. And I don't see a damn thing wrong with that! So let's get to the action, shallen't we?

July 1st 2016. Pick of the Day.

Crack-'o-dawn new series this day include the 3-month trib to the mighty Fellini at IFC Center, a weeklong celebration of one of our finest character actors, Warren Oates: Hired Hand at Lincoln Center, and a short program dedicated to that special July misery, Summer in the City at the Metrograph. The projected profundity be thus;

June 30th 2016. Pick of the Day.

And we come to the month's last day, past the Summer Solstice 2016, firmly at the halfway mark of the baseball season, awaiting yet another celebration of our great nation's Declaration of Independence. All of which involve hot dogs, tater tots and beer. This is America after all, dammit. We are a lucky breed, we who populate this country. We might forget that at times, as matters anecdotal, such as rising Netflix prices and the increasing ubiquity of bike lanes, say, compound with matters grave like intentionally tainted drinking water and climate calamity resulting in wildfires in one area and catastrophic flooding in others. Things ain't perfect, but we do have a federal EPA, a disaster response agency with the call letters FEMA, and, on a much smaller level, the right and ability to yell loudly in the face of a dickhead cyclist who blows a red light as I step into their trajectory. It may never be great to live in America, no matter your complexion, your bank account, your bloodline, your address, your diploma, your acumen, your grit and resolve. It may never be great to live in America regardless of your benefits or detriments. But it will always be good. Always. For proof, I direct your attention to the majority of the rest of the world. You're welcome.

Now, to film. Pickin's be slim as they tend to be at every month's end, yet the choices are all more than worthwhile. Today's lone ongoing series is Modern Matinees: Fifteen by Otto Preminger at MoMA. The 4-perf field be thus;

June 29th 2016. Pick of the Day.

As is usually the case, the month comes to a gradual slow to a stop. And yet while the choices are thin, they're exceptional. Yes we're all getting excited for the sked promised by July 2016, but before we get ahead of ourselves, let's examine what's still on the table, shall we?

Ongoing series today are limited to Modern Matinees: Fifteen By Otto Preminger & Luminosity: The Art of Cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-Bing, both at MoMA. The unspooling ululation be thus;

June 25th 2016. Pick of the Day.

New and continuing series this day include Classic IFC Cinema & Stephen King on Film at IFC Center, Luminosity: The Art of Cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-Bing at MoMA, and the ultra-exlusive Rza's Dream Double-Feature at the newly-formed Metrograph cinema. The body-count seems thus;

June 24th 2016. Pick of the Day.

Five days past the solstice and so far a seemingly perfect summer '16 seems underway. Temps have been somewhat mild for this time of year, the luminous shades from the red end of the spectrum greeting us majestically at twilight, and those magnificent vendor hot dogs have positively cratered at the low price of $35 apiece. $80 for two. A NYC summer is uponst us once more, and again we are gifted weather to be fleet of foot within, to catch two, three, even FOUR screenings in a day for those truly troubled amongst us (who you lookin' at?!?)! So let's set today's agenda, shallen't we?

Ongoing series this day include Classic IFC Center & Stephen King on Film, both at IFC Center, and Modern Matinees: Fifteen by Otto Preminger at MoMA. To the sked!

June 23rd 2016. Pick of the Day.

Only one lone series on hand for our collective perusal this day, Modern Matinees: Fifteen by Otto Preminger at MoMA, but every individual screening is a special one as well. Let's get to it, shall we?

June 21st 2016. Pick of the Day.

Yo Stockz! Once more, sorry I been in the wind so much tis month, so much real life interferes with reel life sometimes that it becomes impossible sometimes to pay full attention to both. Hope you accept the Mea Culpa, and I'll do my best to walk out the month with you in better style. For now, to the sked!


No series this day, and all activity appears to be centered in one venue, so here 'tis;


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