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April 27th 2013. Pick Of The Day.

F. W. Murnau's FAUST serves as perfect brunch fodder at the Nitehawk Cinema today. Them breakfast tacos'll be roasting hot! Trust me!

William Wyler's ROMAN HOLIDAY is afforded a communal BluRay viewing at the Film Society ampitheater up there somewheres on the UWS. Hepburn's a dish. Not my Pick.

April 26th 2013. Pick Of the Day.

Film Forum selects a newly restored SAFETY LAST, Harold Lloyd's iconic silent effort, as its rep screening of the week, although it only unspools til Tuesday so maybe that band was onto something. Already chose it this month and it plays on a fairly routine basis in our film loving city, so I grudgingly pass.

April 25th 2013. Pick Of The Day.

Jean-Pierre Melville's UN FLIC screens its last as Film Forum's featured rep screening of the week. This tres francais tale of Alain Delon's burnt-out detective hunting for the identity of the criminal mastermind behind a series of heists, who might just be nightclub owner and best friend Richard Crenna, was the last of the Frogteur genre master's brilliant career. Catherine Denevue drops in to utterly screw up the proceedings as the women the two men share.

April 24th 2013. Pick Of the Day.

Film Forum's weeklong exultation of Jean-Pierre Melville's UN FLIC spends its last two days at the cinematic temple on West Houston. Alain Delon hunts down the mastermind behind a criminal ring that may or may not be nightclub owner and best pal Richard Crenna. Catherine Deneuve is the woman that comes between them. I never get tired of awful puns. Alas, I pass this up as today's Pick. Without tears, bien sur.

April 19th 2013. Pick Of the Day.

Otto Preminger's EXODUS takes that exact course today as its run winds down as part of MOMA's Auteurist History of Film series. Preminger's epic adap of Leon Uris' controversial dramatization of the foundng of the nation of Israel is gripping stuff still. Plus Paul Newman plays a soldier named Ari Ben Canaan. Oh Otto you nutty kook you.

April 18th 2013. Pick Of The Day.

Frank Tashlin's satirical masterpiece WILL SUCCESS SPOIL ROCK HUNTER? screens its last this day as the Film Forum's weeklong hug comes to a close. Tashlin provided star Jayne Mansfield with two of her most iconic roles with today's offering and THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT, but SUCCESS might be her sharpest two hours on screen, as she expertly embodies and subverts the Blonde Bombshell cliche. Picked it already so today it gets the nix.

April 17th 2013. Pick Of the Day.

WILL SUCCESS SPOIL ROCK HUNTER?, Frank Tashlin's perfect pop cocktail blending blunt farce with cutting commentary, screens todaya and tomorrow as it winds down its week long run at FIlm Forum. Chose it already, and as much as Jayne Mansfield tempts a second gaze I gotta stick to the rules. Damn rules.

April 13th 2013. Pick Of the Day.

The Film Society's ampitheater presents Stanley Donen's FUNNY FACE, the lone onscreen pairing of Hollywod icons Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn. Ebullient cinema, but I skip it today in favor of an even more rarely screened icon.

April 12th 2013. Pick Of the Day.

Jules Dassin's irreverent exultation of Greek culture circa 1960, NEVER ON SUNDAY, breaks its last plate today as part of MOMA's ongoing Auteurist History of Film series. Julie D crafted this dramedy to showcase the talents of then-love interest and soon-to-be lifemate Melina Mercouri, and also tellingly cast himself as her suitor/foil.

April 11th 2013. Pick Of the Day.

Jules Dassin's NEVER ON SUNDAY blithely traipses through the second of its three-day run at MOMA as part of the museum's ongoing Auteurist History of Film series.


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