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March 7th 2013. Pick Of The Day.

MOMA's ongoing Auteurist History of Film series offers up two more days of George Cukor's THE ACTRESS, based on Ruth Gordon's autobiographical script and starring Jean Simmons. If you ever write as well as Ruth Gordon did you get to cast somebody as glamorous as Jean Simmons to play you too. Also starring a little day player named Spencer Tracy and the pre-taxidermy Tony Perkins.

MARCH 2013! Foxy Brown, Stan the Man, and Fritz Lang whistles from the grave!

Sorry about the delay, Stockers! I know I said the monthly overview would be posted on Monday but winter creep set in and I was temporarily indisposed. All apologies.

No, winter creep. Winter CREEP. Like the insidious entrenching of the season into our bones and very souls-

NO, I'M not the Winter Creep! There is no Winter Creep! He's not a character! Haven't you been paying attention? What??? No YOU"RE the Winter Creep! YOU are!

Look let's just get to the overview, okay?

March 2nd 2013. Pick Of The Day.

Noon at the Nitehawk Cinema brings the directorial debut of the man who would go on to bring the world the first two HOME ALONE films, MRS. DOUBTFIRE, BICENTENNIAL MAN, STEPMOM and the first two HARRY POTTER flicks. Yer welcome, he sez. But hey, he also made his first foray into the film world by writing a little spec sript called GREMLINS. So he's got that goin' for him. Which is nice.

March 1st 2013. Pick Of The Day.


That's not an order, I'm just happy to see the month! It is, after all, the tenth that sees this site in operation. Whatever will I do once Stock hits the 1-year mark...?

February 28th 2013. Pick Of the Day.

It seems like only yesterday that I supped on my friend's special recipe for her Super Bowl shredded blue cheese and buffalo chicken dip. Perhaps because my heart's still recovering. And each bite was fully worth all future heart ailments.

But quick as a shot the 2nd month is indeed already at a close. Which means Springtime, baseball, and scantily clad broads are just that much closer! However one final day must be closed out before we celebrate its doom, and some very worthy film classics unspool as February winds down.

February 27th 2013. Pick Of The Day.

Classic screening choices are slim today as we experience a preview of March weather to come. Really slim. REALLY slim. Like I got the Film Forum's ongoing tribute to Hollywwod's year of transition, 1933, to pick from today. That's it. So either way I'm sending you to the same venue, and as it's a two-fer today I'm basically sending you to both films.

February 23rd 2013. Pick Of The Day.

Kate Hepburn gets the day started as part of Film Forum's tribute to Hollywood 1933 with George Cukor's LITTLE WOMEN and Lowell Sherman's MORNING GLORY.

February 22nd 2013. Pick of the Day.

Film Forum's trib to the year in Hollywood 1933 kicks off its third week with screenings of Frank Capra's LADY FOR A DAY and Henry King's STATE FAIR. Capra's first adap of the Runyon short story features dapper Warren William as Dave the Dude and May Robson in a Oscar nominated turn as Apple Annie. King's FAIR features the folksy wit of the great Will Rogers as he navigates the titlular preoceedings, which include spiked mince pies and hog heartbreak. You'll just have to see it. But not today.

February 21st 2013. Pick Of The Day.

The Film Forum's tribute to Hollywood's transitional year 1933 continues apace. And this mug sez that's swell!

February 20th. Pick Of The Day.

If you are reading this I can safely assume that your ability to point and click is intact, and therefore the dreaded scourge of frostbite has not cost you any of your digits. Well played so far, Stockers. Still, we are not yet free of Winter's cold and deadly grip, so I advise you to duck into the safe and heated environs of your local movie theater to keep warm and catch up on some classic film screenings. As luck would have it some excellent choices are offered this crisp day.


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