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January 17th 2013. Pick Of the Day.

MOMA drags itself by its elbows into the second of its three day trib to the I-Berg as WILD STRAWBERRIES screens at 1:30pm. Victor Sjöström's aging doctor sets out on a long car trip to recieve an honor from his alma mater, and a journey through the consequences of his life choices ensues. Often imitated and ranks among Bergman's finest two hours. Not my Pick, if only in defiance of my sworn enemy January.

January 16th 2013. Pick Of the Day.

Just as the sound of a snail's journey is all but imperceptable to ears not belonging to Ingmar Bergman, the third week of 2013's first month continues its slog unnoticed, our memories still locked in late December and our fascinations projected forward to upcoming cheer such as the Super Bowl and the Oscars. Man, that's a low bar for upcoming cheer.

January 12th 2013. Picks Of The Day. You read that right.

Again we Cinegeek find ourselves slogging through the second weekend of the new year with not much classic cinema to indulge in. What is on display, however, is cherce. So should you choose as many do this time of year to catch up on the newly Oscar nominated flicks you have thus far missed no one would begrudge ya. If on the other hand you're still jonesing for classic cinema screened large, read on my evil minions...

January 11th 2013. Pick Of The Day.

Now this month begins to get interesting. I mean more interesting. Look it's January, let's not pretend to be choosers.

January 10th 2013. Pick Of The Day.

The Archers' nuns must abandon their missionary work at the one time Himalayan brothel as surely as BLACK NARCISSUS must leave the Film Forum after today. If you haven't caught the new DCP restoration on display at that cinematic seraglio on West Houston I can't implore you enough to attend a screening while you can. I can't implore you enough because this is not my Pick today. That was last week and tough if ya didn't read the column that day.

January 9th 2013. Pick Of The Day.

January. O how I hate thee. Not just for serving as anti-climax to several blowout holidays, not merely for temperatures ghastly and demeanors morbid, not simply because football has yet to die again, but mostly because the classic film loving amongst us have fewer options lo these bleak days, as programmers in every venue concoct their evil schemes to be played out over the remaining three quarters of the calendar. For now, we get what we get.

January 5th 2013. Pick Of The Day.

The Nitehawk Cinema gets the day in classic film rolling at the unGODly hour of 11:30 AM, as their Country Brunchin' series presents the film adaptation of the controversial 70's musical THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS. A lost classic methinks not, but a chance to catch the recently departed film great Charles Durning in one of his showcase roles that netted him an Oscar nom for supporting actor! Plus I hear the brunch is slammin'.

January 4th 2013. Pick Of The Day.

First thing's first; fuck it's cold out there.

And we seem to be looking at no respite from conditions Canadian anytime soon. So what better day than this for me to goad you into leaving the warmth of your quilt and the 50" flatscreen mere feet away to join in the communal film experience? It's almost perverse methinks!

January 3rd 2013. First Pick Of the Day Of The Year.

Garbo's barbaric NINOTCHKA must depart Paris, and the Film Forum, this Thursday. The bolshevik beaut shines in her brand new 35mm print!

JANUARY 2013! Paul Williams, Dirty Cartoons and the Mekas Inherits the Film Forum!

Welcome to the New Year, Stockers! Here's hoping the holidays found you fit, feisty and surrounded by yer fave peeps. December 2012 was packed to the brim not just with classic film imperatives but the other distractions, like fundraisers, two pretty important days of observance and what promised to be the end of the world, all of which demanded get-togethers and quality time spent with those we love and those we need appease for reasons corporate.


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