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December 29th. Last Pick Of The Day 2012.

Because the final holidays of this calendar year are upon us I'm not sure when I'll be sober enough to return with the Pick Of The Day starting in the new year. I'm aiming for this coming Wednesday, but meth is a hell of a drug. So we'll see.

December 28th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

2012's last weekend arrives, and some say not a moment too soon. But amongst the terrible memories we're all sure to associate this year with, there were also some great things, not the least of which may be innacurate Mayans. Well I'm sayin' that anyway.

December 26th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

Oh Lord how the holidays may sting...

After a nearly complete recuperation I am back to offer my Pick on this solemn day of taint. Taint Xmas and taint New Year's. But golly good gracious wow there be plenty afoot classic-film-wise this entirely disatrous weather plagued holiday aftermath. So let's explore the happy, shall we?

December 25th 2012. Merry Christmas You Wonderful Old Building And Loan.

Lord knows 2012 ain't been easy, but we've had our share of good tidings throughout the year as well, both individual and collective. So today, no matter your religious affiliation, or indeed if you even have one, let's just dig a time of year and a day in particular that celebrates the best in us; grace, charity, good manners and the desire to safely enjoy the company of loved ones, and the wish that others are able to do the same. I hope this day brightens those spirits dampened and enhances those already brightened.

December 21st 2012. Pick Of The Doomsday.

Happy Mayan Apocalypse, Stockers! Hope this end of days finds you well and warm. Seems like those negative ancient pricks were correct about the weather so far, let's see how the rest of the day plays out. There are several productive activites and pertinent festivities deserving of your time this last day on Earth, not least of which is my very own Mayan Apocalypse Blowout at LUNASA, 126 1st Avenue between 7Th street and St. Marks kicking off at 8pm, where we're raffling off the new complete 007 BluRay box to raise funds for Occupy Sandy's hurricane relief efforts.

December 20th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

The Film Forum's exhaustive retrospective of the great screen icon Jean-Louis Trintignant finally comes to a close today, as must all French occupations.

December 19th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

The Jean-Louis Trintignant retrospective at Film Forum reaches its penultimate day with a pair of early 70's harsh-light-of-day noirs that only seem bereft of darkness, and are in fact flooded with it. Just a darkness, to paraphrase Rorschach, that is of no use to the players.

December 18th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

The Jean-Louis Trintignant fest winds down its last days at FIlm Forum with a pair of identity mid-fuckers today. THE MAN WHO LIES sees every cinephile's fave cheery French bloke play a soldier in hiding from enemy troops, recounting tales of the people's resistance hero Jean Robin. But is JLT actually Robin, or is Robin about to appear?

December 15th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

Sean Connery follows Hitchcock's lead into MARNIE's dark places. Screens this afternoon at the Nitehawk in Brooklyn.

December 14th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

The bureaucratic coverup's finest cinematic iteration, Costa Gavras' political conspiracy thriller Z, screens today as part of the Jean Louis Trintignant trib at the Film Forum. Essential viewing.


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