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December 13th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

The Film Forum's Jean-Louis Trintignant series revs forth in two vastly different Citroens this day.

December 12th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

The Film Forum's tribute to Jean-Louis Trintignant continues today with a pair of Romy Schneider co-starrers, which is perfectly okay by this guy. LE COMBAT DANS L'ILE finds Schneider baffled by her rich industrailist husband's baffling mood swings and penchant for storing military grade weapons in their closet. LE TRAIN sees our leads hiding out in depserate fear on a freight car carrying them away from Nazi occupied Europe. And STILL the guy never smiled? Not my Pick.

December 8th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

John Ford and Edward G. Robinson got their sole opportunity to work together on THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING, which sees Eddie G. portray not only an honest bank clerk but his doppelganger bank robber.

December 7th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

Last day to catch the 1958 Czech fantasy mashup THE FABULOUS WORLD OF JULES VERNE. Screens 1:30pm at MOMA.

December 6th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

Roman Polanski maneuvers a young TESS. Shame shame shame.

The Czechs fabricate the world of our greatest fabulist as Jules Verne visits MOMA.


Wait! Don't stop reading! There actually is a whole slew of Xmas cheer on the revival circuit this month, in the form of Dickens adaptations, perennial holiday faves and Jimmy Stewart finding Zuzu's petals. I just couldn't resist noting the coincidence of concurrently booked tributes to bleak unspooling this holiday season at BAM, Film Forum and MOMA. So if you happen to run into Charles Silver or Bruce Goldstein, hugs. Trust.

December 1st 2012. Pick Of The Day.

Sam Peckinpah reveals his inner trucker with this cash-in on the hit novelty tune that was a cash-in on the short-lived CB craze that took America by storm, and then receded back south where it remains their primary form of communication. Sorry, it was just waiting there.

November 30th 2012. Pick Of the Day.

Roman Polanski just won't learn his lesson. TESS screens for a week at the Film Forum. Not today's Pick.

The sound of your oil painting disturbs Max Von Sydow in HOUR OF THE WOLF, screening at BAM as part of their tribute to the Spruce Goose. No offense but definitely not my Pick today.

November 29th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

I'm usually against repeat champs when I award my Pick Of The Day, but as November wanes I have no choice really but to break that rule. Read on.

November 28th 2012. Pick Of the Day.

Bunuel's DISCREET CHARM and Leone's AMERICA continue their week long runs at their respective venues for the next couple of days, and they are giants of not only both men's CV but the lexicon of modern cinema as well. I bypass these works of genius.


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