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November 27th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

No one digs watching Luis Bunuel's unique unravelling of the plans of proper society more than myself, and it just so happens THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGIOSIE screens this week at the Walter Reade Theater. Just misses as my Pick today.

November 25th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

The Nitehawk offers both WILLY WONKA and Nick Ray's BIGGER THAN LIFE today. Both booze optional.

November 24th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

Let me begin as usual with what ISN'T my Pick Of The Day. It's a long list this brisk Saturday and the also-rans are some of the most incredible films ever produced. So let's start a trimmin', shall we?

The Nitehawk in Brooklyn offers a liquid brunch as complement to their screening of WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. So shines a good deed in a weary world.

November 23rd 2012. Pick Of The Day.

Bette Davis promises a bumpy night and dear god in heaven does she deliver. Joe Mankiewicz oversees the proceedings, directing perhaps the bitchiest script in film history but also one of the most biting and caustic, Wildian in both wit and devastating character assassination. There was ONLY Bette Davis to play Margo Channing, and Astoria's Museum of the Moving Image gives with the 35mm happy as ALL ABOUT EVE screens at 7pm tonight.


I'm thankful for your support these last 6 months plus, I'm thankful for the friends and family I call my own, but most of all I'm thankful that they're all safe and sound and that they have power and heat. I hope you can say the same and that you have a great day with your loved ones Stockahz! See you back here once the Tryptophan wears off!


Well these here interwebs continue to flummox a geezer such as meself, and the calendar updates may not be possible for the time being. So I'm thankful I have this blog to at least provide the new info in column form. It may not provide the ease of the interactive calendar but it allows me to, in Talking Points' terminology, give you stuff. And things. So let's get to all the late announcements from the various venues that grace our city, shall we?

November 17th 2012. Pick Of The Day.

Tempted to award my Pick Of The Day to Antonio Marhgeriti's "Gamma-One" series, which earns a marathon sreening at, where else, Anthology Film Archives as part of their From The Warner Archives retrospective.

November 16th 2012. Pick Of The Day

Ralph Bakshi's seminal sleazetoon HEAVY TRAFFIC screens at the equally scary Museum of Arts and Design. Wes Craven's grim exploitation debut LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT is accompanied by a liquor menu at Nitehawk Cinemas, and my bet is you'll need it.

November 14th 2012. Pick of the Day.

Three offerings from the art-house circuit beg your attendance this day. Richard Roemer's Jim Crow era quasi-doc NOTHING BUT A MAN finishes out its last couple of days at the Film Forum. The Film Society's Keisuke Kinoshita retrospective also draws nearer its end with today's screening of A JAPANESE TRAGEDY. Yet I proffer a Pick Of The Day that trumps both of these, or so my gumption dictates.

November 9th 2012. Pick Of the Day.

A ROUGH field from which to choose on this hypothermic week's finale. Foremost amongst the films that just miss my top spot is Michael Roemer's NOTHING BUT A MAN, screening at the Film Forum for a week in a brand new 35mm print courtesy of the Library of Congress. A gripping portrait of a declining Jim Crow culture and one black man's place in the social scheme, it also features the first Motown soundtrack and the film debut of jazz singer Abbey Lincoln. Essential.


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